Krum Public Library

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Acceptable Library Behavior Policy

Acceptable Library Behavior Policy

The Krum Public Library encourages people of all ages to visit the library. Those who choose to use the library and its resources have the right to expect safe and comfortable environment that supports and encourages the appropriate use of services offered by the library.

People demonstrating disruptive behavior will be required to leave the library premises after one warning from library staff. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • noisy actions; boisterous actions; inappropriate behavior including eating, smoking, running, loud talking, misuse of library property, climbing on shelves, tables or equipment, uncooperative attitudes; or any other actions that deliberately annoy other patrons or staff members, or prevent the legitimate use of the library and its resources. Abusive language and behavior toward the staff will not be tolerated.
  • Personal appliances, such as computers, media players, and calculators, may be used if the noise level is low and does not interfere with others. Staff members may ask that use be discontinued if, in their opinion the appliances are disturbing. Use of portable telephones or pagers will be allowed as long as it does not interfere with others, which shall be determined at the discretion of the Library Staff.

Children under the age of 6 years will not be left unattended in the library. Such children must be accompanied by an adult or child over the age of 13 who will be responsible for the younger child's behavior.

If the responsible adult or teenager cannot be located, after reasonable attempts to contact the parents or guardian, the disruptive unattended child will be placed in the custody of a Krum Police Officer. This action is necessary since unattended young children may injure themselves or others.

Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while in the library. Children should never be left waiting outside after the library has been closed and the staff has departed.

The library staff may use their discretion as to waiting a few minutes after closing for parents who are late picking up their children. Under no circumstances should staff members transport unattended children to any other location. If a responsible adult does not pick up the child at closing time, the child will be released to the custody of the Krum Police Department.

Under no circumstances should the library be used by anyone as a babysitting service.