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Collection Development Policy

Revised June 2013 Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy

(Revised June 2013)

Approved by Krum Library Advisory Board July 16, 2013

Approved by Krum City Council August 5, 2013

Collection Development: Although anyone can suggest materials for inclusion in the collection, the Library Director is the ultimate authority because of professional training and knowledge of the collection and the community. The Library Director selects books and other media according to the following criteria approved by the Library Advisory Board:

Ÿ  Authority: Qualifications of the author or publisher of the work, as determined from reviews in professional library journals and other professional resources

Ÿ  Authenticity: Validity, reliability, currency, informativeness, and completeness of content 

Ÿ  Scope: Purpose and coverage of the work compared with others in the collection; whether it presents a fresh viewpoint, strengthens a subject area, or duplicates existing materials

Ÿ  Interests: Representation of the diverse information needs and interests in the community

Ÿ  Philosophy: Representation of every viewpoint, with a range of materials reflecting all sides of an issue when possible

Ÿ  Popularity: Demand for best sellers and other popular materials

Ÿ  Feasibility: Availability of funding and space

Objectionable content: The Library Director selects materials based on the professional criteria above, not on what some patrons may consider objectionable. 

Ÿ  Parents or guardians are responsible for supervising their children’s access to all library resources. Selection of materials is not inhibited by the possibility that materials may inadvertently be obtained by children.

Ÿ  A patron who objects to the content of any materials has the right to bring that objection to the Library Director and if necessary, to the Library Advisory Board. (Please see the Reconsideration of Library Materials Policy.)

Collection Maintenance: The Library Director reviews and evaluates all materials at regular intervals to determine whether to retain them in the collection.

Ÿ  Materials are retained or discarded depending on space, budget, circulation, local history, and user needs.

Ÿ  The Library Director decides how to dispose of discarded materials.