Krum Public Library

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General Patron Behavior Expectations

General Patron Behavior Expectations

(Aug 2013)

Approved by Krum Library Advisory Board August 20, 2013

Approved by Krum City Council September 9, 2013

In order to maintain the Krum Public Library’s mission as a community resource and provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all, we ask that you observe the following expectations of patron behavior:

1.      In respect of the rights of others, please maintain low noise levels. Listening devices should not be audible to anyone but yourself.

2.      All forms of tobacco or electronic cigarettes are not allowed anywhere inside the building.

3.      For safety and hygiene reasons, all customers must wear shoes and appropriate clothing.

4.      Please remain in public access areas unless you have arranged business to conduct.

5.      If you need to use a phone, please use the public telephone.

6.      Bicycling, skateboarding, and roller skating on Library property are a safety hazard to our other customers. Customers are requested to carry skateboards and roller blades while in the library or on library property.

7.      No running, climbing or roughhousing inside the library or by the front door.

8.      Please respect the rights of others to quietly study, read or work without interference.

9.      Rude, disruptive and bullying behavior will not be tolerated.

Patrons who do not respect the rights of others may be asked to leave the library.