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Welcome to the Krum Public Library!

The Krum Public Library provides free services to all residents living within the state of Texas.

We are a part of the North Texas Library Consortium, a group of public libraries in North Texas that share resources. This expands our collection and gives you access to nearly 600,000 items including books, CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks.


The Krum Public Library’s mission is to:

  • provide books, materials, and services to all residents

  • assist in their pursuit of information and resources

  • meet the community's educational, cultural, recreational, and professional needs

  • introduce children to the world of learning by stimulating their interest and appreciation of books and reading.


Vision Statement

The Krum Public Library will...

  • assemble, administer and preserve organized collections of educational and recreational materials in a wide variety of formats

  • strive to educate, enlighten, and entertain the citizens of Krum and Denton County

  • offer a wide range of programming for various ages to support the educational and recreational needs of the community

  • cooperate with other libraries to strengthen services and resources of the library


 The Krum Public Library will strive to...

  • establish good public relations within the community

  • support the educational, civic, and cultural activities of the community, Krum ISD, and local organizations

  • open the opportunity for the self-development, growth and well-being of its patrons

  • be a focal point of community life that connects and unites the people of Krum


History of the Krum Public Library



In May of 1979, the Krum City Council passed an ordinance creating the Krum Public Library. Tracy Collum, Krum's Postmaster, was the coordinator of the library effort and the first library board chair member. He was also responsible for appointing a board of directors. That board (consisting of Tracy Collum, June Burns, Joe Cates, Jimmy Chisam, Harriette Harvey and Thelma Morris) generously kept the library going until county funding became a reality. 


For the first two years, the library was housed in a small area of the Post Office at Venture Center that had been provided by Jack and Catherine Mitchell. Through Tracy Collum's efforts, over one-thousand books were donated to the new library. The citizens of Krum and the surrounding area donated numerous books and shelving, as well as financial support while student volunteers helped to get the library in operation. 

Though it had already been open for one year, a formal dedication of the library was held on June 21, 1980. 


In response to the library's increasing needs, the Krum City Council provided it with a new location. In 1981, the old Fire Hall was renovated and a checkout counter, book drop, and new shelves were added. A massive volunteer effort helped with the renovations and the move from Venture Center. 

In 1986, Krum celebrated its centennial. That summer, the library participated in the celebration by selling belt buckles featuring Krum's centennial logo that had been designed by two high school students. 

The Krum Public Library joined the North Texas Library Systems (NTLS) as a provisional member in 1987. To become a full member, they were given three years to acquire 7,500 books, spend one-fourth of its funds on books, and continue to have a budget at or above that of the preceding year. The library was successful and became an established member in 1989. 

The library received the J. Frank Dobie Award in Corpus Christi on April 1988, granting $4,750 in funds designated for the purchase of books.




By 1990, the library had outgrown its home in the renovated fire hall. In March of 1991, it moved across McCart Street to a new building that, at 2,000 square feet, was almost twice the size of the fire hall.


The City of Krum was leasing the new building to the library, but in 1995 the library was relocated once again when the city decided to move City Hall and the municipal offices to the library's location. 


The Krum Library was relocated to the Krum Young Citizens Club (KYCC) building at 803 E McCart St, but it needed to be renovated first. Men’s groups from the local churches volunteered to add partitions, remodel and renovate the restrooms, and paint the exterior of the building. A Boy Scout painted the interior for his Eagle Scout project. The Krum Volunteer Fire Department volunteered to move the library when the renovations were complete. After this major volunteer project was completed, the library reopened in its new 2,400 square-foot location on April 1996.


After receiving a land donation from Ryland Homes in 2005 and a $10,000 donation from a very generous citizen, the Library Board proposed a new building project. A board member created a conceptual drawing, but the property was unfortunately deemed unfit for use as a library location. It was requested that the KYCC Board donate the building that the library was in at the time. The request was denied. However, the KYCC Board did allow the library to stay in that location and leased the building to them for only one dollar per year. 




In 2013, the city voted to build a new library, fire station, and Public Works facility. Tim Beatty Builders, Kirkpatrick Architects, and 720 Design planned the new library, starting construction in July 2016.

The new 5,311 square foot library at 815 E McCart St was completed in March 2017. Professional library movers helped move the shelving and books to the new building. During that time, the old library was technically closed. However, people were still making copies and picking up items on hold from the old location for a month. 

On April 25, 2017, we opened our brand new library! There were a few hiccups in the beginning. On the first day, there were problems with the restrooms, internet, and phones. We were temporarily working out of both the old and new locations until everything was fixed. 

On November 12, 2017, the local Mason’s group held a Cornerstone Ceremony for both the newly built Fire Department and the Library. 

In the summer of 2018, the library got new furniture.


In its early years, the Krum Public Library was run by volunteer librarians until Logan Ragsdale, the first paid librarian, was hired. Two years later, Katherine Boyer became the first Library Director.

Blanche Dodd, one of Krum's outstanding citizens and community leaders, also worked as a volunteer at the Krum Public Library for many years. 

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