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Donating to Your Library

Guidelines for bringing in your donations:

  • Please bring your donations to the front desk during library hours. Do not put them in the outside book drop

  • Please bring your materials in a box or bag that you can leave at the library. 

  • If you need a tax receipt, please allow time for the Library Director to go through the items and sign the form. 


The library currently cannot accept most book donations, but we gladly accept:

  • DVDs and audiobooks in their original cases

  • All paperbacks in good condition.

  • Hardcover recent bestsellers in excellent condition, including large print and children's books.


We cannot accept:

  • Items that are unhealthy to handle, dirty, moldy, smelly, chewed, wet, or otherwise damaged. (General guideline: If you wouldn't give it to a friend, please don't give it to the library.)

  • Boxes that have been moved directly from long term storage to the library. Please make sure you have properly inspected materials before donating them. 

  • Books with missing covers or pages.

  • Softcover books with crooked or twisted spines

  • Encyclopedias, textbooks, or Reader's Digest condensed books

  • Clearly outdated materials (old travel guides, technology guides, etc.)

  • Magazines

  • VHS tapes

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The Krum Public Library has grown considerably since its early days, but it has continued to expand thanks to the generosity of the Krum community. Financial donations have helped to furnish the new library, provide special programming, and continually grow our catalog. Monetary donations can be made at the library or through the Friends of the Library.

We welcome donations which are clean and in good condition! Donations will be evaluated and, if appropriate, will be added to the collection. Once materials are donated, they become the sole property of the library, and the library staff reserves the right to decide how best to use the items.

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