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Krum Public Library


Rental Information

Rental Fees:

  • Krum Residents (within City limits)

    • $25 covers the first 4 hours

    • $10 for each additional hour

    • Includes set up and clean up time

  • Non-Residents

    • $50 covers the first 4 hours

    • $20 for each additional hour

    • Includes set up and clean up time

  • Refundable $100 deposit

    • Refunded if room is left clean and in good order. We will provide a checklist and cleaning supplies. (Only supplies provided by the library may be used for cleaning.)

Maximum Occupancy: 65 people

The following are available for use:

  • 55 folding chairs

  • 4 six foot tables

  • 1 seven foot table

  • 1 five foot table

  • 2 square tables

  • 2 small round tables

Additional Policy Information

  • The meeting room will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • The library and City of Krum are given priority scheduling and reserve the right to cancel reservations if needed.

  • Forms must be completed and deposit must be paid to confirm reservations.

  • No cleaning products other than those provided are to be used.

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and vaping are all prohibited in the facility.

  • Rentals have to be completed by 10:00 pm. No events are to be held after 10:00 pm on any night of the week.

  • The individual who makes the reservation must remain on site at all times throughout the rental.

  • Failure to remain on site could result in the loss of future reservation privileges.

  • Nails, thumbtacks, etc. may not be used for any decorative purpose on the walls, structures or furnishings. Masking tape is the only approved tape for decorating purposes and must be removed completely if it is used.

We accept payments in the form of cash or money order only
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