815 E McCart

Krum, TX 76249


Tue - Fri:    10 AM - 7 PM

Saturday:   10 AM - 2 PM

Closed Sunday & Monday

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Summer Reading Program 2019

"A Universe of Stories"

Choose the type of reading log you would like (Pre-K, Elementary, Teen/Adult).

Fill in 30 circles (Pre-K and Elementary) or read 5 books (Teen/Adult). When you have completed your reading log, turn in in for a prize and a drawing for the grand prizes. Go ahead and get a second reading log (and a third and a fourth...!).

If you want, choose different ways to read from the "100 ways to read." Each one completed equals one circle on your reading log!

The last day to turn in your reading log is August 3rd. Prizes will be drawn, and you will be notified on Tuesday, August 6th. If you win, you will need to pick up your prize by Saturday, August 10th. If not picked up by the, we will draw another name. 


Summer Reading Calendars

Program Information


all ages are welcome. However, children's hour is geared towards birth through Pre-K/Kindergarten while Craft and Story time is geared for Kindergarten through 5th Grade. 

Tuesdays 6 - 8 PM: These programs are for ages 15+ (e.g. Painting and Poetry classes)


These are our special programs (e.g. Magicians, jugglers, animal visits, etc.). They are geared for ages K-6th, though little ones usually enjoy the show. Shows will start on time at 10 AM.


Ages K+, from noon to 3 PM, we will be offering a STEM program involving Lego building.

Ages 1st to 5th grade: 1 PM Computer Coding Classes (Pre-registration required)


These programs are geared towards teens and pre-teens.

2 PM Coding Class (Pre-registration required)

Friday June 14th: Drum Circle

Friday June 21st: Animal Rescue Education Class with Denton Animal Support Foundation


All of these programs are geared to elementary aged children.

Program Guidelines

No food or drink in the program room

Please turn off or silence all electronics

Adult particiapation is encouraged! Children have a more enriched experience if adults are actively engaged.

We all have bad days. Please step outside for a break if your little one is experiencing one.