Krum Public Library

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Internet Policy

Internet Policy

(Revised July 2013)

Approved by Krum Library Advisory Board July 16, 2013

Approved by Krum City Council August 5, 2013

Computers: The Krum Public Library provides public access computers with Internet service.

Ÿ  Patrons may use the computers for 30 minutes, after which they will be automatically logged off if there is a waiting list.

Ÿ  When patrons state that they are using computers for homework, tests, job applications, or similar tasks, the library staff can extend the 30-minute time allotment. The staff does, however, reserve the right to monitor computer usage and, if there is a waiting list, will log off patrons who are not doing the stated work.

Wireless: The Krum Public Library provides wireless Internet access throughout the building.

Ÿ  Patrons must bring their own hardware and software for wireless access.

Ÿ  Library staffmay provide limited technical assistancewith wireless access, such as how to connect, but cannot troubleshoota privately owned wireless device.

Responsibilities: Patrons are responsible for using the Internet legally, ethically, safely, and respectfully.

Ÿ  The library does not take responsibility for specific uses of Internet access by patrons of any age.

Ÿ  Patrons bear the responsibility for obeying intellectual property laws and not infringing on copyrights when downloading copyrighted material from the Internet.

Ÿ  Patrons should respect each other's time in sharing the computers and each other's values in choosing Internet content.

Ÿ  Misuse of the Internet access computers will result in permanent loss of computer privileges.

Risks: Patrons use library computers and wireless access at their own risk.

Ÿ  The library is not responsible for damage to a patron’s computer, or for any loss of data, damage, or liability that may occur from the patron’s use of the library’s computers or Internet service.

Ÿ  Although virus protection is installed on the Internet access computers, it cannot completely protect patrons from getting a virus from downloaded data and later transferring it to other computers.

Ÿ  The library cannot protect patrons from interception or malicious theft of personal data transmitted over the network.

Ÿ  The library cannot guarantee adults or children protection from objectionable content on the Internet. Although content filtering programs are installed on library computers, users are sometimes able to circumvent these programs.

Children: It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to ensure legal, ethical, safe, and respectful use of the Internet by their children.

Ÿ  Parents or guardians should supervise their children’s access to all library resources, including the Internet. Library staff members cannot provide supervision because they must continue to provide library services to other patrons.

Ÿ  Patrons under age 16 may use their own library cards to gain access to library computers. They can use a visitor pass for computer access if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Ÿ  Any monitoring or restriction of children's use of Internet access computers or wireless service is the responsibility of parents or guardians. They may request a block on access by their children, but this will block all computer use, not just Internet.