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Hello and Welcome!

You're on the Krum Public Library's Bulletin Board. Check below for important announcements.

Special Notice about library programming:

Library programming, such as Homeschool Meet-ups, Children's Hour, Movie Nights, Family Games, and special monthly programming are CURRENTLY ON HIATUS with the exception of the KPL Book Club

Following the soon-to-be-completion of our NEW LIBRARY BUILDING, relocation will commence. Once that relocation is complete (we'll hurry, we promise!), we will resume our programming. 

As usual, we are in need of help with financing our relocation as well as furnishing our new place. If you'd like to help, please consider donating to the library at our current location or click here to donate online. We appreciate your patronage as always!

The New Library is ALMOST DONE!

The NEW Krum Public Library building is so close to being complete! Lots of new space means we need lots of new furnishings, and we need YOUR help.

Have a look at our floor plans and consider making a donation to help furnish the new library!

New Library Floor Plan! Furniture Floor Plan


Children's Hour 

Children's Hour will be going on a Winter hiatus starting the 26th of December. It will return as soon as we are situated in our new library building!

There are THREE Children's Hour events left before our break-- Mondays at 10:30 AM.



WE NEED YOUR HELP before we can open the new library's doors. Our new place requires equally new, quality furnishings in order to accommodate our growing patronage! The KPL is in major need of funding for new, durable shelves, tables, and chairs. 

Please consider making a donation to the Krum Public Library so we can serve the city of Krum and OPEN THOSE NEW LIBRARY DOORS!

You can donate in person at the current library.


Donna Pierce, Krum Public Library Director, is excited to show off our new space!



Oct 1 - Nov 11



We broke ground on the new library!

ground breaking
Groundbreaking on new Krum Public Library building, March 18th 2016. Photo by Katrina Barnett.

Thanks to all who came to show support for the groundbreaking! A big thank you goes to our local Tudy's Kitchen for providing us with breakfast tacos for the event.

We are thankful for the large amount of interest that has been shown in this project by you, the patrons, and we will keep you updated on the new building's progress. To make a donation to the new library, click here.


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