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February Newsletter

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Krum Public Library Newsletter

February 2020 Volume 1, Issue 5


Director's Corner

On February 20, KPL will be welcoming back one of my favorite performers, Celtic Guitarist Jerry Barlow. Mr. Barlow last joined us in 2018 and did an outstanding job. I hope you can join us at 6:30 in the evening on Thursday, February 20 for an enjoyable, relaxing evening of music.


Did You Know?

In 1986 KPL was almost 7 years old. Between January 6 and February 18, 178 patrons checked out 311 items. In 2020 from January 1st to 29th, 1014 KPL visitors checked out 2096 items! Thank you for helping us grow!


Remember When?

(A look back at important events in literary history—author birthdays, book/character debuts, and dates in books)

2/2/1882 birth of James Joyce

2/4/1826 The Last of the Mohicans published

2/6/1937 Of Mice and Men published

2/8/1955 birth of John Grisham

2/16/1957 birth of LeVar Burton

2/26/1802 birth of Victor Hugo


What’s New at KPL?

Books and Movies

  • Picture Books: Penny and Her Sled, Snow Leopard Ghost of the Mountains

  • Junior Fiction: Look Both Ways, Dear Sweet Pea, Sauerkraut

  • Junior Non-Fiction Series: Action Sports

  • Junior Graphic Novels: Dog Man Fetch-22,  Lily the Thief

  • YA Fiction: The Light at the Bottom of the World, Where the World Ends, Dangerous Alliance

  • Español: Matemáticas con el Tiempo/Math with Weather, Viaje Dentro de Un Tornado¿Está Ulula en primera?


  • Book Club—2/13 6 PM Featured book is The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

  • Children’s Hour is every Tuesday 10:00-11:00 AM and resumes February 4th. Come join Mrs. Katie for interactive stories, songs, early literacy activities, and crafts.

  • Teen Time—each Wednesday from  4-6 PM

  • Paint at the Library—February 11 at 5PM. Theme is Valentines.


Staff Pick

Donna recommends the new non-fiction title Elderhood: Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine, Reimagining Life (Call #362.609 ARO). This book is an eye-opener for older individuals or their caretakers on navigating current age-related issues.


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